Un-Proffessional Commercial Photography

A graphic that I put together for another local business recently

Hey guys

I just wanted to write a quick blog to let you know what I’m doing on the charity project (Shooting Cancer…IN THE FACE!!!) front.

Selling landscape prints via the website and in Queenstown is going well but to branch out and mix things up a bit I’ve come up with a cool little project where I offer a free commercial photography service to local businesses on the provision that, if they’re happy with the result, they make a donation to the project with all profits going to cancer charities.

Now, as you’ll know from my last post, The Un-Professional Photographer, I don’t really have the kit to make a proper go of commercial photography.

“Oh my god, he’s not going to do a high end commercial photography shoot with a low end compact system camera and a Gorilla Pod is he?” I hear you say.

Well yes, actually and I think it’ll work. However, there’s a difference between the client going “yeh that worked” and “holy bejesus, those photo’s are amazing!”.

So, to help my chances of achieving the desired second result above, I’ve enlisted the help of two other young and extremely talented photographers in Queenstown. Pete Whittaker of Pete Whittaker Photography and Jordan McInally of Undersoul Photography.

I’ve brought the boys on board for multiple reasons:

1. They’re both really good photographers and 3 really good photographers, in theory, should create 3 times as many really good images for the client as 1 really good photographer.

2. It’s a charity project and the boys are on board to help out and feel good about supporting a great cause, so I’ve got nothing to lose in terms of sharing profit, as it all goes the charity.

3. It gives an opportunity to young up and coming photographers to get some experience in commercial photography.

4. Their kit is much better than mine so between us the limitations in terms of what’s achievable is vastly diminished.

5. I’ve always been more of a team guy rather than a lonely artistic type and I love identifying the greatness in people and trying to nurture and grow it. And I see that in Pete and Jordan and I think this sort of experience will help develop their photography, as well as mine.

6. I think they’re a couple of right fantastic chaps, who make me giggle, so working with them is far more enjoyable than working on my own. Less scary too!

The gig is with a prominent bar/eatery in the centre of Queenstown, called Pub On Wharf. Pete and I had an initial consultation with the manager, Chris, yesterday and it went really well. We discussed their main requirements, which thankfully falls right into our hands, as they’re looking for more quirky, artistic, promotional style work, which I think all three of us are pretty good at but we’re certainly interested in compiling a more traditional commercial portfolio for them too, which I think will be our biggest challenge.

We’ve roped a bunch of friends in to be models (with the promise of free food and beer) so we don’t have to intrude on paying customers and ruining their lunch/dinner. It should be good fun, a great exercise to improve our skills, grab some great shots for Pub On Wharf to use, and all for a great cause too!

We’ve initially agreed on two 2-3 hour sessions. One in the evening and one in the afternoon. Our first session (evening) is in a couple of days.

I’ll let you know how it goes! Wish us luck!

Much love


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